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9/5/17 Update:

The Civic Center has agreed to allow dogs to be in the building overnight. The building will be locked between the hours of 10pm and 6am. Please be sure to label your crates with your name and phone number.

Should you have any grooming questions please contact:
Jeanette Makowskyj

8/20/17 Update:

The Civic Center was able to provide some additional grooming spaces. The people on the waiting list who received space were notified today, 8/20/17. For those who were not notified, your check will be mailed back to you tomorrow morning, 8/21/17.

Just a reminder there is a good amount of unreserved free space available on the 2nd floor which can be accessed via an elevator. Once your gear is unloaded it is not difficult to move up and down via the stairs.

Reserved grooming opens at 1PM on Monday, 9/25.

Unreserved grooming opens at 4pm on Monday, 9/25.

Any questions contact:
Jeanette Makowskyj


Due to the tremendous response all grooming spaces have been sold. A confirmation email was sent to everyone that received space. All checks received after Monday, 3/6/17 will be returned. A waiting list will begin with the names of the people who will have their check returned. We will not be assigning spaces until sometime in August. Please note, we will have a limited amount of FREE grooming on the 2nd level available on a first come first served basis. There is an elevator.

Jeanette Makowskyj


The following information was previously posted when grooming space was available.  It is left here for information only.

Grooming space reservations are now open.  Please note that grooming space reservations are ONLY taken by mail.  Click here to download a copy of the form in either Word or PDF formats, or go to the Forms item on the website main menu.

• Grooming spaces are limited to 2 per participant

• All reserved grooming spaces are approximately 10 X 10, all are not perfectly square, may be long and narrow.

• $150 per space (10x10).

• Grooming reservations are by US MAIL ONLY

• Dogs may be left in the building overnight at your own risk.

• There will be bathing tubs available in the locker rooms.

• Bring your own towels and shampoo

• Electrical will be provided

• Move in day for reserved grooming NO EARLIER than 1 PM on Monday Sept 25
• If you wish to be located next to someone, please send in your reservations together.

• If you are sharing a space, please list the names to be included in the assignments.

• A diagram with grooming space assignments will be posted

• Grooming assignments will be emailed with name, space number and diagram.

• Grooming space assignments will be assigned in the order in which they are received.

• Deadline for receipt of all grooming reservations is August 1, 2017. NO REFUNDS after August 1,, 2017

• .Please Make your Check Payable to 2017 GRCA National Specialty and Mail to:

Jeanette Makowskyj
299 Green Pastures Drive
Maidens, VA 23102
Email: 12goldpaws@gmail.com






Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.